8 Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

8 Makeup Tips for Dry Skin – Almost every girl wants to have a clean skin, smooth, bright looking and charming. However, what is the power of dense activity and unfriendly air is often the cause of your skin becomes dry. Various treatments in the beauty salon or do yourself at home have been done, but unfortunately your skin is still just dry.

But, have dry skin does not necessarily make your appearance so doomsday all day, really. You can make good use of makeup makeup so your face does not look dull. So you can more upgraded the appearance, just look at 8 makeup tips for dry skin!

8 Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

1. Cleaning the face is mandatory. Whatever your skin type, this activity should always be routine.

This one routine should always be done and should not be missed. Yup! Whatever type of skin you actually have to clean your face regularly, usually every bath or twice a day. This is very important to clean the dirt on the face after a day of activity.

In the morning too, cleansing the face can increase the freshness of the body so that makes you more spirit to start the day. Because your skin is dry, you should choose a cleansing soap that is specially formulated for dry skin.

2. Never forget the facial moisturizer, especially dab in the driest part.

Let moisture awake, you need to apply moisturizer after cleaning the face. No need to apply too much, just enough especially in very dry areas, such as around the nose and near the eyebrow.

In order to maximize the use of facial moisturizer, you choose a moisturizer intended specifically for dry skin, which has extra-hydrating. Apply slowly if the skin is not damaged, and skin health is maintained.

3. Before applying makeup does not hurt to use face primary. This is important to make your makeup more perfect.

What is a face primer?

Face primer is a cream that is devoted to the base before applying the powder or make-up, so the results are more natural, smooth and durable.

Dry skin that’s not okay to apply make-up, for that you need to use face primer before makeup. This is because the face primer is useful to smooth the skin so that when the makeup is polished to blend well.

How: apply on the face in certain parts, such as chin, nose, cheeks, or forehead to taste. Do not forget, pat the subtly that you apply it let her face primer attached perfectly.

4. Skin in the eye area should not escape the attention, because this part is also prone to experience ‘drought’.

You could say, eyes are part of the face that makes your appearance look more “wow”. And not infrequently also, the skin in the eye area is very easy to experience drought. Therefore, you need to use eye primer for moisturizing, such as on the eyelids. That way your eye area is not just moist, but also make-up its like eye shadow and eye liner more fused maximal.

Just use enough on the eye area and pat slowly. Eye makeup not only so durable, but also make the appearance more charming.

5. Because the lips are also part of the facial skin, taking care of it with lip balm and other rituals is also mandatory.

Because dry skin can also affect the chapped lips, it would not hurt you try using lip balm to cope. Make sure you always use lip balm before dressing up let any lipstick attached to the lips will not look cracked.

Not just makeup that can be charming, but also your lips can be red blush. No more dry lips that make you look like a doom all day!

6. Today, BB Cream, foundation or foundation is equipped with moisturizer. Try it, and feel the results yourself!

For those of you who do not like make-up, usually if you see there are more make up and again wearing BB cream or foundation, your assumption must be excessive. In fact, this make-up revolution has a special “magic” that makes your dry skin is saved.

However, for perfect results you should select BB Cream and foundation containing special ingredients for dry skin. If you’ve smeared it on the face slowly, the result is not beautify appearance only, but also gives freshness so you look brighter.

Since your skin is dry you should select a liquid foundation because it is good to moisturize the skin. Because, if you reckless use foundation powder, which is your skin even drier because the powder version is devoted to oily skin that will absorb the oils on the face.

Apply BB Cream or foundation can you do use the fingers slowly to the face and use the brush is fine. Apply cream ‘magic’ to all parts of the face, except the petals and under the eye yes.

7. Facial spray or special facial spray you also need, for the sake of a damp face all day.

It’s not just the freshness you get by spraying facial spray, but the perfect make-up application you’ll get. This is because your makeup will be durable and skin awake moisture with facial spray.

You can buy or consult a dermatologist before using this facial spray, yes. The price is quite expensive, so just think about it.

8. Same with oily skin, dry skin also dont wear make-up too much.

Because your skin is dry, then you need to pay attention to the cosmetics used.

  • For example, blush on used should choose a liquid, as well as with lipstick. It’s just for lipstick, if you still want to use matte lipstick, then before need to use lip balm to overcome chapped lips.
  • In contrast to oily skin, your dry skin should choose a solid powder instead of a sow (unless your skin has severe acne).
  • Just like BB Cream, foundation, face primer, concealer, choose a lot of alcohol does not, let your dry skin is not easy to peel.

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Now, dry skin is not an obstacle anymore for you to look cool everyday. You will not look dry and dull again, even this increasingly radiated charm for you to be the center of attention wherever you go. Without worrying about how your appearance looks like the end of the day, now you can walk with confidence!

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