Amazing Benefits of Lime Water for Diet

Amazing Benefits of Lime Water for Diet – Who does not know the fruit with a small round shape and yellowish-green color. This fruit is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Even content of vitamin C in the lemon more than other types of citrus.

benefits of lime water for diet

In addition to antioxidants and vitamin C lime also has a lot of content required by the body.

Lemon lime has a very distinctive odor, so do not be surprised if this fruit is often used as an extra flavor to the cuisine. But of the many benefits of lemon lime, not many people know that this fruit can help a person in a diet program, especially for women.

Women are creatures who always have problems with their weight. So to get the ideal body weight is not surprising if women are willing to diet by any means.

Even because of her ambition to get the ideal weight, the way of extreme diet was often she did. Such extreme diets, by restraining appetite or skipping meals.

Such an extreme diet is the wrong diet, because such a diet will affect the health of the body. Lack of information about diet is also a trigger factor for someone on the wrong diet. Actually to get the ideal weight you do not have to do such extreme diet, you can use lime, as we have explained earlier that lemon lime can help in losing weight.

In addition to the above described content, lemon lime also has non starch polysaccharides or so-called dietary fiber. The content can make someone who consume it has a longer satiety, and can lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

How To Make Lime Water

The way you can do to lose weight by using lime that is, Prepare 1-3 pieces of lime, then the lime juice each split into two, then squeeze and separate the juice.

After that you can add 200cc of water. Water that you can use is cold water or warm water, depending on your taste. But cold water is more recommended for its vitamin C content more durable.

After mixed with water you can directly drink it. Because the content of vitamin C contained in lime will easily evaporate or oxidized. When yawning, the vitamin C content will be reduced.

If you are not accustomed to consuming lemon juice, in the early stages you can use 1 lemon first mixed with water, then you can add 1 tablespoon of honey or sugar so that your stomach can adapt first. If you are use to it, you can drink this lemon blend without using honey or sugar.

A mixture of lemon and water should you drink every morning and a half hour before breakfast. If you feel strong you can drink it twice a day, in the morning and evening before you sleep. In order to get most results, you can mix it with green tea.

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At the time of running the diet program using this lime, you are encouraged to reproduce drinking water. This means that the fat is in your body quickly reduced.

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For those of you who have ulcer disease, before drinking lime juice, when making a better lemon soaked or watered with warm water first. This will make the phenolic and tannin compounds in the lime will change and will reduce the acid, so it will be safer when consumed.

That’s how to lose weight by drinking lime water regularly.

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