Amazing Benefits of Turmeric and Side Effects

Amazing Benefits of Turmeric and Side Effects – Turmeric is known as a complementary food that has a distinctive taste and color. Not only used as a spice kitchen, people often use it to cope with various health conditions. But the question is, whether the benefits of turmeric has been tested in terms of medical?

Turmeric has a chemical compound called curcumin. The yellow dye is thought to be able to help the healing process in the body. Here are some benefits of turmeric that may be obtained.

benefits of turmeric and side effects

Benefits of Turmeric

The benefits of turmeric have long been believed to help overcome various health problems, including:


Turmeric suspected can help reduce pain in patients with osteoarthritis, a condition that causes joints become painful, stiff, and lose flexibility. A study suggests turmeric performance is comparable to that of ibuprofen in dealing with osteoarthritis. If you want to try to reduce the pain due to osteoarthritis, you can consume turmeric extract dose 500 mg twice a day.

Itchy skin

Based on a study, itchy skin due to chronic kidney disease can be overcome by consuming a combination of products containing curcumin and black pepper extract or herb pepper (long pepper).

Skin rash

Skin irritation conditions caused by lichen planus can be overcome by eating certain products that contain chemical elements of turmeric.

Menstrual Problems

Surely you often see ads containing saffron drinks and claimed to overcome the pain of menstruation. According to some studies, taking turmeric supplements can ease the pain. However, further research needed to prove this point.

Stomach ulcers

Some studies suggest gastric ulcer pain can be overcome by eating turmeric.


According to research, eating turmeric can also help reduce symptoms of flatulence in people with dyspepsia.


According to some studies, curcumin can reduce the growth of new blood vessels in the tumor, the spread of cancer, and contribute to kill cancer cells.

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What are the side effects of turmeric?

Besides some benefits of turmeric, there are also side effects if used in high doses. Until now, there has been no side effects from the use of turmeric at low doses. One study noted that no side effects occurred in people taking turmeric 490 mg daily for a week. However, turmeric consumed in excessive amounts can make the heartbeat becomes abnormal. Other side effects caused by excessive use of turmeric are:

  • Allergic reactions, such as rashes.
  • Disorders of the gallbladder.
  • Bleeding.
  • Liver disorders.
  • Uterine contractions.
  • Stomach and digestive disorders.
  • Reduces fertility in men.

It is advisable to consume turmeric as a supplement carefully, and avoid pregnant and lactating women, diabetics, bleeding disorders, men who want to have children, people who are iron deficient, and patients who will undergo surgery.

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Benefits of turmeric is not yet fully certain, because it still needs further evidence and research. However, considering there is already research that gives a positive value on the usefulness, there is no harm in trying to treat this herbaceous plant. Even so, before eating turmeric as a companion treatment, consult first to the doctor.

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  1. For those who prefer curcumin supplements, adulteration should be a concern. There are curcumin products claiming to be 100% natural but were adulterated with petrochemical-derived ingredients. Only choose supplements from brands with strict quality control procedures.

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