How to Choose a Good Fresh Meat

How to Choose a Good Fresh Meat – Beef is the most delicious dish. With a chewy texture and a little savory, then the meat becomes a favorite food of many people. But only good quality meat is worth consuming. You need to pay attention to the quality of meat when buying it. The more fresh the meat, the more delicious the dishes we produce. Here’s Easy Tutorials will give you 5 tips on how to choose a good fresh meat.

How to Choose a Good Fresh Meat


How To Choose Fresh Meat

Notice the Color of Meat

If you want to buy meat, you should first consider the color of the meat. Fresh meat and quality of course different from the meat that has been rotten. The beef is still fresh, picked a distinctive red color of meat. Besides, the color of the meat is not pale and not dirty. If the bluish flesh comes from a dead cow.


At the time of buying meat, note also the texture. The fresh beef has a chewy texture. How to know the texture of the meat is to gently press the meat, if returning to the starting position means the meat is still fresh. But if it feels soft when pressed it indicates that the meat is rotten.

Aroma and Vein Shapes

Fresh meat has a fresh aroma or has a distinctive “cow” smell. Meanwhile, rotten meat will cause a very stinging smell or sour acid.

Examine the beef vein you buy, do not buy meat that has vein fluffy and swollen, choose a beef that looks normal, do not experience swelling.

Not Watering

If you buy meat you may often see red blood-like fluid. The liquid is not the blood but the “juice” of the flesh. Meats that contain lots of water are usually less good meat.

Choosing the Right Places

Make sure you buy meat from reliable meat vendors / suppliers. Choose a merchant who sells meat by hanging. Purchase meat at the end of your shopping time, and do not buy it to traders whose neighborhoods, equipment, and people are dirty.

Finally, ask the price, if it is too cheap should not be purchased. Buy meat according to the market price.

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That’s a little tips on how to choose fresh meat. Hope this article helps you.

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