How to Fix Insufficient Content Rejection

How to Fix Insufficient Content Rejection – Are you tired of being rejected by Google AdSense due to insufficient content reasons? Ok, immediately refer to the following brief review, hopefully can be a solution for you.

If you have arrived at this article, surely you already know what is Google Adsense and how to register it. We will skip the part. Because actually registering AdSense is easy, the hard one is in full approve.

insufficient content rejection

Many reasons AdSense refuses a blog / web to join, such as difficult navigation, inappropriate content or insufficient content. Well, now we will discuss the issue of insufficient content.

Actually, making good content is easy-hard. Easy if you are very skilled in the art, but hard if you just learn in that field.

In fact, many bloggers are not experts in the field, but force themselves to continue writing about the theme. As a result what is written does not give much benefit for the reader. Another case if the master who writes, the material will be unpacked and offer solutions for readers. Then that’s called good content, in other words content that is useful for the reader.

Insufficient Content Solution

What do you need to do to create good content?

1. Writing

The quality of good writing is one of the benchmarks of a content. Writing here includes heading tags (H1, H2 ff), paragraph structure and punctuation. Many are not paying attention to this, whereas poor writing is one of the reasons for insufficient content reasons.

After all, the content you create is for people, not for robots. Therefore, the semicolon, paragraph structure and other writing rules must be clear and precise. The goal is to make it easier for readers to understand the contents of your writing.


Eliminate the name typos. Always check your writing before posting, make sure there are no errors.

Heading Tag

Be wise in placing the heading tags. In fact it is not necessary to use heading tags if it is not needed. Use if necessary or if the article is long, then the heading tag also serves as a pause for the reader.

The use of appropriate heading tags will make it easier for readers. The reader will know what subtitle is being discussed, arguably navigation in an article.

Writing Style

Actually there is no specific benchmark about what kind of writing style will be approved by AdSense. Because many bloggers who write with the style of everyday language (informal), can also be approved. Just if you want to be safe, use a formal writing style.

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2. Content

Make sure the contents of an article you create are useful, complete and comprehensive. Answering the questions of the reader in detail, not even misleading. Because today, many people are searching for information or tracking with Google, where one of your writing is there. Imagine if your info is misleading!

Look for reference sources that are credible, reliable and accountable for the truth.

I think content quality is the most common factor of rejection due to insufficient content reasons. Therefore, do not underestimate quality of your content.

Number of Words

There is no standard how many words in a single article. If it should be discussed briefly, do not need to be extended, so vice versa.

The number of words does not affect the quality of a content. But it would be nice if an article has at least 300 words, if it refers to Yoast SEO. It’s all back to what material you want to write.

Forbidden Things

Never use harsh words, because it violates TOS adSense. Do not create content that is unlawful. If you are forced to copy a small / large part of the material of others, it would be nice if you include the source of the reference, better if you ask permission directly to the owner.


Insufficient content could be caused by taking pictures from other web that already have copyright. Use the original image of your shots or design, if you do not have that ability, then you can use a free image or photo. Many sites offer free stock photos for commercial use without the need for attribution, such as and

If you take a photo from someone else’s web, make sure to include the source of the image, even better if you ask the owner’s permission.

Do not display vulgar, violent or obscene images or videos.

Actually using a complement as above is not absolute, but if there is no picture in one page, it seems less interesting. Use it appropriately, there is no specific benchmark to show how many images in one article, but I usually just display a picture only. Another case if you write about the tutorial step by step, then the detail image will be very necessary.

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I think the tips for fixing insufficient content above are enough to make your content worthy of AdSense. Actually good content is not only your sole factor of approval to become an AdSense publisher, but by having good content, then your blog already has a great chance to aprroved. The good news again is, your content will be loved by Google (SEO Friendly), and get a great chance to be at the top of the SERP. May be useful!

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