How to Get Google to Index Your Post Quickly

How to Get Google to Index Your Post Quickly – When we create an article, our goal is that our article can be read by many people, a solution to the problem, better if it can be a reference for the readers. This means that what we write is very useful for the reader, our main goal is complete. Another positive impact is increase visitor, money will follow by itself.

But the problem of all writers is the difficulty of their articles to be found. It’s useless to write hard, but your work is hard to find. How to make your work easy to find can be shared in social media and one of them is submit articles on search engines. We will discuss How To Get Google to Index your Post Quickly.

Look around you, most people when they want to find something, they will search in the famous search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and others. Therefore many bloggers are competing to improve the ranking to enter the first page of search engines above.

Logically, the more on the first page, the more your article is easy to find. In effect, visitors will soon arrive, especially when your title clickbait. Because most readers do not want to open the 2nd page and so on, although maybe in the next page the material is more qualified.

To go to the search engine’s start page above, that is the next case, but the first thing we do is “How to get the article indexed.” That’s the first. I will give easy tutorial to indexed Google search engine quickly.

How to Get Google to Index Your Post?

Here is How To Get Google to Index your Post Quickly:

How to Get Google to Index Your Post Quickly

1. Copy the URL of the article you just created.
2. Open the following link in your browser
3. Paste in the URL box
4. Checklist box “I’m not robot”
5. Submit Request. Done!

Check about 10 minutes later on Google, by typing in the search box

Find the article you just wrote. If you’ve met, then your article has been indexed.
Before you index the article, it would be nice to index your Home page first, the same way as above.

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Please index your articles, but keep in mind that do not submit too many URLs in one day, worried you detected as spam.

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