Japanese Fishermen’s Life Motivation Stories

Japanese Fishermen’s Life Motivation Stories – This motivational life story is a fictional story that comes from fishermen in Japan. Who struggle so that the fish they catch can be sold to residents in fresh and alive conditions. As we know, this profession as a fisherman is a tough profession because they will go sailing fishing to the sea in a few days and then return to land to sell their catch.


Japanese Fishermen’s Life Motivation Stories

Once upon a time, such activities are usually the fishermen who have been anticipated to arrive by residents who want to buy fish have returned to land. Residents who were impatient then approached the fishermen. But residents were disappointed because the fish catch that day was dead and not fresh. While the residents themselves wanted to buy fish in fresh conditions.

As a result, the sale of fish on that day did not sell. Then the fishermen think about how to get the fish to be accepted by the residents in fresh conditions. Then they got the idea that is by putting the dead fish into the freezer so the fish remains fresh.

The fishermen returned ashore and offered frozen fish in the freezer. But the residents were reluctant to accept the fish on the grounds that the fish that had died even though they were frozen. Could not be as fresh as when they were alive.

Accompanied by a sense of disappointment, a group of fishermen returned to look for ways to get the catched fish they could bring ashore in a still alive condition. An idea was discovered, namely by inserting fish into a large drum that had been filled with water so that the fish could stay alive until accepted by the buyer.

The fisherman was optimistic this time they would succeed in selling fish to the residents. Then they shouted out loud to the residents. “Hi people, this time we have managed to bring the fish in a living condition and still fresh, will you refuse it again?” But what people say, residents still reject the fish that are still alive on the grounds “Indeed this fish is still alive, but how can I believe that this fish is still fresh while the fish condition is weak and not moving agile”.

Finally, with a little bit of resentment and disappointment, a group of fishermen went back to the sea while thinking about the next strategy so that the fish other than still alive were also in fresh condition. Then one of them gave an idea that is by adding a shark child to the fish.

What happened after they returned to the land this time? residents really like their catch fish today because the fish look fresh, move swiftly here and there chasing each other with little shark children who have been put together so as not to be preyed on and can sustain life.


Sometimes even in life we ​​need the name “little shark” to keep us moving constantly for the better because in essence it is dead. What causes us to be silent? It is when we do not have any problems in life and are in a “comfort zone” position that makes us complacent with all the comforts that are available.

Not that we are required to look for problems in life. But we tend to become more careless in these comfortable situations. So very comfortable, as if we were like “dead” slowly. Then what are the things that make us able to continue to live and move like a fish in the story? The answer is to have a “problem”.

The presence of problems plus the pressure in life that God gave us. At that time our instincts as a moving human being automatically sought solutions to the problem. When it collapses like that, we will have more time and mind to always remember God and have mercy on Him.

Therefore, it is appropriate that we should be grateful for the presence of “small sharks” in our lives. Never complain, let alone give up because one day this “little shark” will lead us to eternal happiness.

That is a little story about the motivation of the life of a Japanese fisherman who was persistent in facing every problem. Hopefully useful and can motivate us all.

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