Learn Wisely From Life a Turtle

Learn Wisely From Life a Turtle – It is undeniable, if everyone will have a sense of worry and fear in themselves. This is certainly very human, as long as such feelings remain within reasonable limits.

But in reality, this worry and fear is often excessive and so great in some people, that it often becomes a troubling problem. If you have this, then a number of issues that are not so important, will often arise. Not only for the person himself, but for others in his environment, either family or even friends.

This is a problem that has long been a problem for Utami, a young mother who has had a toddler aged 3 years.


Avoid Excessive Concerns

For a long time, Utami had always worried about many things, even though some people considered it unnecessary. Utami was afraid when staying at home alone, but was afraid and worried as well when leaving the house in an empty condition and no one waited. Strange isn’t it? While there are thousands of homes out there that are often empty every day and their residents leave when they work.

At first, this family is considered normal and will disappear over time. Utami grew up, was independent and worked for a well-known company, but her fear and worry never stopped.

A few years later Utami got married, but her worry and fear of these two things did not go away. This is often a problem, especially when Utami and her small family travel and leave home.

Although at home they have a household assistant, Utami will still ask her sister or sister to stay temporarily in their home when Utami and his family have to go and stay outside the city.

This goes on and on and makes his brother and sister also feel troubled, considering that almost every month Utami travels on business and others. Her husband also realized this and began to think of ways to overcome everything.

That afternoon, Utami, her husband and children will immediately leave for Bali for a two-day vacation there. All preparations have been made, including “ordering” his sister to stay home and go with the household assistant during their vacation.

His sister agreed and arrived shortly before Utami left. Utami departed and enjoyed the holiday calmly, although occasionally she kept calling her sister and asked about the condition of the house.

Not as often as before, Utami checked the house, because she had promised her husband to reduce all of her excessive worry.

All went well during the holidays, until it was time for the small family to return to the capital again. Utami is happy, so is her husband and children. But worry soon came, when Utami tried to knock on the door and no one opened it.

5 minutes had passed, Utami seemed increasingly restless and kept calling her sister and household assistant incessantly. Utami seemed relieved when she saw her sister’s car entering their yard, but she was surprised when she saw her housekeeper come out of the car carrying a bag.

“We have to learn from turtles who always carry their homes on their shoulders. Doesn’t he walk so slowly and often look tired?” Said her husband with a smile.

Beyond Utami’s knowledge, her husband had asked her housekeeper to leave and return home during their vacation, and her sister-in-law did not need to wait for their house for 24 hours, just checked once a day.

Let the security guard do his job and keep up the security of an empty house. At first Utami was angry and disagreed with what her husband had done, but over time the woman began to understand that not all things need to be feared and over-feared.

The lesson that can be learned from this motivational story is that we can learn wisely in enjoying our lives. Don’t be fixated on excessive worries, because worrying overload won’t make you enjoy life well.

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