Magical Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Magical Health Benefits of Coconut Water – Young coconut water is a drink that we can enjoy in many countries. Usually coconut water is often drinking on the beach while sunbathing under the sun. The fruit that grows in the lowlands, especially on the edge of this beach is long known to have a lot of health and beauty benefits. Almost all parts of the tree can be utilized, so the tree that has a scientific name cocos nucifera is referred to as a multipurpose plant.

Young coconut water is widely used to improve health, because young coconut water is also very good for our bodies. By consuming regularly and not excessive, the health benefits of coconut water we can get. Young coconut water can provide many benefits that are very useful for health and beauty, in addition to replace the fluid and refresh the body.

magical health benefits of coconut water

Coconut Water Nutrition Facts

The older the coconut fruit will be the less water content, the higher the content of fat, calories, iron, phosphorus and calcium. While the content of young coconut water more, and more beneficial for the body

Micro nutrients

In young coconut water contains micro nutrients such as:

  • Carbohydrate
  • Fat
  • Vitamin
  • Protein
  • Mineral

Vitamins and Minerals in coconut water

In one coconut water contains vitamin C, B3, B5 and B6. While the mineral content:

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Phosphor

Although coconut water in young and old coconut can be both drunk, it would be nice if you consume coconut water compared with old coconut water. Health benefits of coconut water is very much for you. More details will be describe below.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

1. Hydrates the Body

The main health benefits of coconut water is for hydrate the body. The natural electrolyte content in coconut water has properties similar to body fluids. So by consuming coconut water can quickly hydrate the body, because easily absorbed coconut water can replace body fluids quickly.

2. Lowering Blood Pressure

Three mineral deposits found in coconut water that is potassium, magnesium and calcium work to lower blood pressure by helping to enlarge or widen the artery channel so that it becomes more flexible. In addition, the fluid in the body is also released more quickly. Consuming coconut water is highly recommended for people with hypertension and pregnant women.

3. Energy Sources

High glucose content in coconut water can be one source of energy for the body. Glucose is absorbed by the body’s cells and is spread to the bloodstream to energy. Intake of energy is needed when our bodies feel tired, therefore many athletes who drink coconut water while doing physical exercise to increase energy. Therefore, young coconut water is very much drunk by athletes to replace fluids and increase their energy as they move.

4. Lowering Fever

Coconut water can quickly seep in body cells and body fluids can also quickly get out through the urine. So when we have a fever, the body temperature will quickly go down, because fluids are constantly removed and replaced with new ones.

5. Keeping Cholesterol Levels

Coconut water can increase good cholesterol (HDL), so that bad cholesterol (LDL) is more controlled. This is a benefit of young coconut water which is very helpful to suppress high cholesterol in our body.

6. Neutralize Toxins

The poison that can be removed are certain toxins that enter the stomach. The way coconut water works in removing toxins is by refusing or spewing toxins from the stomach. Meanwhile, if the poison has already spread to the blood vessels antidote content in coconut water only helps thin the blood so it can be removed through the kidneys.

7. Digestion

Coconut water is very easily absorbed by the body. In addition, coconut water can break down toxins and control body temperature. So the deep heat that triggers diarrhea can be overcome and defecation will be smooth.

8. Optimizing Heart Health

One of the health benefits of coconut water is to keep our heart condition remains optimal, high potassium content in coconut water also plays a role for muscle health, especially heart muscle.

9. Anti Aging

For those of you who want to get and have skin that looks young, you can take the young coconut water. Coconut water is very powerful against free radicals that can prevent premature aging of your skin.

10 Increase Platelets

In cases of dengue fever always accompanied by a decrease in platelet count. This is certainly very dangerous to the patient. By drinking young coconut water is believed to increase the number of platelets by being balanced with eating enough nutritious foods.

11. Increased Body Resistance

Next, health benefits of coconut water is good to boost immunity. This is because of lauric acid compounds contained in coconut water can fight various types of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. Even the content of lauric acid in coconut water can match the content contained in breast milk.

12. Heals Allergy Skin

For those of you who have allergic diseases caused by food or young coconut water drugs can overcome this. Young coconut water efficacious in breaking down bacteria, viruses and fungi. So that allergies caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi can be resolved soon.

13. Break the Kidney Stone

For mild cases of kidney stones can be overcome by consuming coconut water. How it works Coconut water is a potassium content that works in the alkaline process of urine will dissolve kidney stones. So it can be of much use to those of you who suffer from acute kidney stones.

14. Lose Weight

Coconut water is also useful for diet programs. For those of you who want a slim body, consuming coconut water can be one solution. Coconut water contains low levels of sugar and calories so it can support your weight loss fast.

15. Treating Wounds

Treating wounds with coconut water is by way of directly applying coconut water on the wound. This method can also be used for rough skin or broken heel, so that it can make your rough and broken skin become more moist.

16. Eliminate Acne

Acne inflamed on the face can be cured by washing the face with young coconut water. Because the content of coconut water can help reduce the inflammation that occurs on the skin, especially the skin on your face.

17. Whiten Skin Face

Do a facial wash routine with coconut water to get cleaner and whiter skin. In addition, in this way can also remove wrinkles on the skin.

18. Reducing Hair Loss Problems

Coconut water contains amino acids, which can help reduce hair loss.

How to Drink Coconut Water

To get the health benefits of coconut water, it must be drunk in the right way and at the right time. The goal is to get the most out of the benefits of coconut water. Here are some tips for consuming young coconut water to be more optimal benefits.

# Drink In The Morning

Drink coconut water in the morning to get good benefits in regulating thyroid hormone.

# While Heat Air

Coconut water content is very helpful to overcome dehydration, especially when the temperature is very hot. If a person is dehydration, due to high air temperature, consuming water alone will not be enough to overcome the dehydration. The content of young coconut water can help to deal with dehydration quickly.

# After Exercising

The body will spend a lot of sweat when we exercise. Drink coconut water to replace lost body fluids after exercise. Young coconut water serves as a natural isotonic that is quickly absorbed by the body. In addition to refreshing, the content of vitamins and minerals is also very good for your body as a substitute for lost body fluids when you exercise.

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Coconut Water In Pregnancy

It turns out the health benefits of coconut water is also good for pregnancy. Because during pregnancy, the mother will experience hormonal changes which of them can lead to changes in the physical condition of the mother. For example, such as fatigue, low blood pressure, dizziness, nausea and so on. By consuming young coconut water, the health of mother and fetus will be more awake. In addition, if pregnant women who have high cholesterol, drinking coconut water good to help lower high cholesterol, because high cholesterol is very dangerous for pregnant mothers.

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So the health benefits of coconut water very much, and also good for beauty. In addition, young coconut water can be drink anytime and anywhere. However, do not drink too much, because to maintain health not only by consuming coconut water alone. So you can utilize the young coconut water in accordance with the needs of your body.

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