Yonaguni Monument

The Mystery of Yonaguni Monument – Yonaguni Monument located on the seabed off the coast of Yonaguni in the southern islands of Ryukyu, Japan. The monument dubbed the Atlantis of Japan is a rock formation like a pyramid. Submerged in the sea, and considered a remnant of civilization. The monument estimated 10,000 years old.

Yonaguni monument

The Mystery…

Yonaguni monument was first discovered by Dive Tour operator Kihachiro Aratake in 1985. Masaaki Kimura is a marine geologist at RyuKyus University, Japan. He has spent 15 years diving amid the Yonaguni anomaly. Over the years Kimura came to the conclusion that this monument is most definitely man-made.

Yonaguni Monument Structure

According to Kimura, “The greatest structure (Yonaguni monument) looks like a complicated, monolithic pyramid, stepping up from a depth of 25 meters”. The structure itself looks very much like a ziggurat, a type of structure found in the pyramids of Latin America and the Middle East. Surrounding there are ten other buildings, including a castle, five buildings such as a temple, and which looks like a big stadium. What is more interesting is that all these structures connected by roads and waterways.

This monument made of sandstone, and comes from the same single rock formation, a rectangle measuring 150m x 40m and reaching a height of 27m, with straight edges and very precise angles.

A marine geologist named Robert M. Schoch accompanied Kimura and Hancock diving in 1997. Schoch believes that the entire monument was created by wave erosion over millions of years, and even the corners of the streets and stairs of buildings are all generated by random wave erosion.

In contrast to Schoch’s conclusions, Kimura identifies several different areas in the monument. Where it is clear that humans are making this structure. With the discovery of images of animals and some unknown heliograph. The conclusion denies the theory that the monument is naturally created.

Different things were also revealed by the Okinawan native legend. They call Yonaguni is the city of the gods, a place far away where the source of happiness comes from.

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How can it be built under water, and by whom?

Kimura claims that the Yonaguni monument was built more than 10,000 years ago. When sea level is lower than it is now. It is estimated that Yonaguni Island is connected to the mainland of Taiwan. Which is an important trade route at that time. Proven with some of the findings of settlements on the seabed along this path. According to Kimura, rising sea levels and earthquakes that caused the abandonment of this city.

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