Work Motivation: Story of the Flower Seller

Work Motivation: Story of the Flower Seller – A young executive is taking a break at an open café. While busy typing in his notebook, at that time a little girl carrying a flower basket stalk approached him. “Sir, do you want to buy flowers?” “No, I don’t need it,” said the young executive, who was consistently busy with his notebook.

“Please, one flower, sir, you can give this flower to your lover or wife,” the little girl teased. Half annoyed, with a high tone young man said, “Hey! Don’t you see I’m busy? Next time I will buy if I need it! ”

Hearing the words of the young man, the little girl then turned to people passing around the café. After finishing his afternoon break, the young man immediately moved from the café.

When he walked out, he met again with the little flower girl who was approaching him again. “Is the work done, sir? Do you want to buy flowers? It’s cheap, please buy just one flower.”

Story of the Flower Seller

Between annoyance and pity, then the young man spends some money from his pocket. “This is a dollar for you.”

“You don’t want this flower?”

“No, let’s just say it’s free from me.” said the young man.

The money was taken, but not for her, but she gave it to the old homeless people around.

The young man was surprised and slightly offended.

“Why didn’t you take the money, even give it to the homeless?”

With innocence the little girl replied, “Sorry sir, I promised to my mother that I would sell these flowers and not receive money from begging.”

“My mother always told me that even though I don’t have money, we can’t become beggars.”

The young man was surprised, he received a very valuable lesson from a little girl that work is an honor, even though the results are small, but the sweat that drips from the results of hard work is pride.

Then the young man took out his wallet and bought all the flowers, not out of pity, but because of the work motivation and confidence of the little girl who gave him a valuable lesson that day.

Moral message:

Sometimes we always judge work is only a matter of money or payment received. Work will be worth more if it becomes our pride.

How small a role in a job, if we do it seriously will give value to the person himself.

That way, every drop of sweat that flows will be an honor in accordance with what we fight.

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