Work Motivation: The Story of Woodcutter

Work Motivation: The Story of Woodcutter – Once upon a time, a timber trader accepted a worker’s proposal to cut down trees in his forest. Because the promised salary and working conditions that will be truly accepted are good, so that the prospective loggers are even determined to work as well as possible.

When starting work, the employer gives an ax and shows the work area that should be completed with the time target set for the woodcutter. The first day of work, he managed to knock down 8 trees.

In the evening, hearing the work of the logger, the employer was impressed and gave praise extensively, “Your work is truly extraordinary! I was truly amazed by your ability to cut down the trees. There have never been someone like you before this. Continue working like that “.

Story of Woodcutter

Productivity starts to decline

Very excited by the praise of his employer, the next day the logger worked harder, but he only managed to knock down 7 trees.

On the third day, he worked even harder, but the end remained unsatisfying and even disappointing. Increasing days, fewer trees were successfully broken down.

“Looks like I have lost my skills and strength, how can I account for my work to the boss?” Thought the woodcutter felt ashamed and desperate.

With his head down he faced the boss, apologized for the inadequate work and complained that he did not understand what had happened.

The employer listened and asked him, “When was the last time you honed an ax?” I don’t have time for that, I am really busy every day cutting down trees from morning to evening with all my energy ”. Said the logger.

“Well, here is the problem. Remember, your first day at work? With a new ax and honed, you can cut down trees with extraordinary results.”

“The following days, with the same energy, applying the same ax but not sharpened, you know for yourself, the end is decreasing. So, as busy as anything, you should take the time to sharpen your ax, so that every day works with the same energy and optimal results.”

“Now start honing your ax and go straight back to work!” Instructed the employer. While nodding his head and saying thank you, the logger passed from before his employer to begin sharpening the ax.

Moral message:

Just like the lumberjack, we are even every day, from morning to night, as if trapped in a periodic routine. Busy, busy and busy, so often forget the other side that is equally important, forget about a short break to sharpen and fill new things to increase knowledge, insight and spiritual. If we are able to hold the rhythm of activities like this, surely our lives will become dynamic, insightful and always new!

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