Tarahumara Tribe Can Run as Fast as a Deer

Tarahumara Tribe Can Run as Fast as a Deer – Have you ever watched The Flash movie? Apparently the character of The Flash is not just in the fiction movie alone, in fact in this world there are also people who can run fast, even always running in doing various daily activities. Although not as fast as The Flash, but the running speed and durability deserve two thumbs. They are people from the Tarahumara tribe.

Tarahumara tribe children are running

The Rarámuri

Tarahumara is a Native American living in northwestern Mexico. This tribe is famous for their long distance running ability. Maybe if in Indonesia they are like baduy tribe, the difference is baduy tribe walking, while Tarahumara tribe ran.

In addition to running fast, this tribe also has great endurance of running in a long duration. With running speed reaching 38 kilometers per hour. The tribe, also known as Rarámuri, can climb down the mountain in just 90 minutes with simple footwear. And if we ride the donkey with a fairly fast run, we can spend about 10 hours.

The population of Tarahumara in 2006 was about 60,000 people. Most are still traditional lifestyles, inhabiting natural shelters such as caves or cliffs, as well as small huts of wood or stone.

Main reason the Tarahumara are running fast is to hunt. But not only for hunting, to get through the winter, sending messages between villages, and searching for firewood in the forest are other reasons this tribe always running all his life.

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The Secret of the Tarahumara Tribe

The secret of these Rarámuri people can run fast is because of their food menu. Nuts, pumpkin, green vegetables and a seed plant named Chia. They are all their source of food. They also drank their own blended beer made from corn, sugar water and lime. These foods and herbs are believed to cause the Tarahumara people to run as fast as the deer. In addition, the cause is because they have been accustomed since childhood activity by running.

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Hopefully the story of the Tarahumara tribe above can inspire us to run. Because run is very well for the fitness and health of our heart!

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