4 Ways To Find Creative Ideas

4 Ways To Find Creative Ideas - A novice writer sometimes has trouble getting new ideas. Whether it's for writing material on his personal blog or notebook. Naturally, because these ideas usually do not always appear on time when you need them. In fact, not infrequently your brain is forced to think hard for the idea and inspiration it appears. Do not do that guys. Instead of getting an idea, it will even cause stress.

Well, maybe the following 4 ways you can do when you experience problems like the above. Check it out!

4 Ways To Find Creative Ideas

1. Listen to your favorite songs

Music is already a work of art that is difficult to be released from our lives. It seems life will be empty without music. When the idea you need has not been imagined, you can try listening to your favorite song. You can listen to all your favorite songs.

In my opinion, a song that can create creative ideas is a song that makes us comfortable. The songs are easy listening, and not too noisy. But if you prefer rock songs, please try. It will give you a new mood and idea for you.

2. Relax

Creativity comes when the body and mind relaxed. If the idea does not exist, then do not push yourself, which in the end will even cause stress. Conditions like this even make your creativity lost.

Relax, stretch your muscles, stretch your nerves, enjoy fresh air, take a breath, exhale, or maybe you can try to get out of the house and see the natural scenery. Condition around the quiet helps you think, later it will arise creative ideas.

3. Daydream before bed

Before bed is a good time for you to imagine. You can try it for a moment about anything. For example you can reflect on the things you want to do the next day or reflect on what concepts you want to make material for your writing.

The important thing is you have to think about everything positive. Do not contemplate negative things. Remember, positive !! Usually at bedtime, body and mind have started to relax and not tense, who knows the bright idea that you expect suddenly appeared unexpectedly.

4. Communication and Socialization

Ideas and creativity usually appear when you socialize with many people. Simple things can trigger exceptional creativity. For example when Dustin Moskovitz talked to Mark Zuckerberg about the status of a female friend, still single or not. Mark Zuckerberg replied that no one wants to go around using a board taped to his shirt to explain his status. From here the idea emerged, which eventually became one useful feature on Facebook, which features a person's status.

What is clear is that the idea flows when you communicate and socialize with people who are even different from you.

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That's 4 ways to find creative ideas. Keep in mind, do not too push yourself to be creative. We recommend let it flow!

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How to Choose a Good Fresh Meat

How to Choose a Good Fresh Meat - Beef is the most delicious dish. With a chewy texture and a little savory, then the meat becomes a favorite food of many people. But only good quality meat is worth consuming. You need to pay attention to the quality of meat when buying it. The more fresh the meat, the more delicious the dishes we produce. Here's Easy Tutorials will give you 5 tips on how to choose a good fresh meat.

How to Choose a Good Fresh Meat

Notice the Color of Meat

If you want to buy meat, you should first consider the color of the meat. Fresh meat and quality of course different from the meat that has been rotten. The beef is still fresh, picked a distinctive red color of meat. Besides, the color of the meat is not pale and not dirty. If the bluish flesh comes from a dead cow.


At the time of buying meat, note also the texture. The fresh beef has a chewy texture. How to know the texture of the meat is to gently press the meat, if returning to the starting position means the meat is still fresh. But if it feels soft when pressed it indicates that the meat is rotten.

Aroma and Vein Shapes

Fresh meat has a fresh aroma or has a distinctive "cow" smell. Meanwhile, rotten meat will cause a very stinging smell or sour acid.

Examine the beef vein you buy, do not buy meat that has vein fluffy and swollen, choose a beef that looks normal, do not experience swelling.

Not Watering

 If you buy meat you may often see red blood-like fluid. The liquid is not the blood but the "juice" of the flesh. Meats that contain lots of water are usually less good meat.

Choosing the Right Places

Make sure you buy meat from reliable meat vendors / suppliers. Choose a merchant who sells meat by hanging. Purchase meat at the end of your shopping time, and do not buy it to traders whose neighborhoods, equipment, and people are dirty.

Finally, ask the price, if it is too cheap should not be purchased. Buy meat according to the market price.

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That's a little tips on how to choose fresh meat. Hope this article helps you.

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How to Get Google to Index Your Post Quickly

How to Get Google to Index Your Post Quickly - When we create an article, our goal is that our article can be read by many people, a solution to the problem, better if it can be a reference for the readers. This means that what we write is very useful for the reader, our main goal is complete. Another positive impact is increase visitor, money will follow by itself.

But the problem of all writers is the difficulty of their articles to be found. It's useless to write hard, but your work is hard to find. How to make your work easy to find can be shared in social media and one of them is submit articles on search engines. We will discuss How To Get Google to Index your Post Quickly.

Look around you, most people when they want to find something, they will search in the famous search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and others. Therefore many bloggers are competing to improve the ranking to enter the first page of search engines above.

Logically, the more on the first page, the more your article is easy to find. In effect, visitors will soon arrive, especially when your title clickbait. Because most readers do not want to open the 2nd page and so on, although maybe in the next page the material is more qualified.

To go to the search engine's start page above, that is the next case, but the first thing we do is "How to get the article indexed." That's the first. I will give easy tutorial to indexed Google search engine quickly.

How to Get Google to Index Your Post?

Here is How To Get Google to Index your Post Quickly:

How to Get Google to Index Your Post Quickly

1. Copy the URL of the article you just created.
2. Open the following link in your browser https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url.
3. Paste in the URL box
4. Checklist box "I'm not robot"
5. Submit Request. Done!

Check about 10 minutes later on Google, by typing in the search box site:yoursite.com

Find the article you just wrote. If you've met, then your article has been indexed.
Before you index the article, it would be nice to index your Home page first, the same way as above.

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Please index your articles, but keep in mind that do not submit too many URLs in one day, worried you detected as spam.

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5 Tips to Boost Your Confidence

5 Tips to Boost Your Confidence - Self-confidence will make us free to make mistakes and fail, but without making ourselves worthless. If we have confidence, then indirectly we can also increase the confidence to others.

The fact Many people lack confidence, when in fact he is able to do that. Confidence is a feeling that brings us closer to success. If you feel troubled with confidence, then try to keep looking for ways to grow your confidence in yourself.

Here are 5 tips to boost your confidence:

5 Tips to Boost Your Confidence

1. Be Thankful for What You Have

Time has proven that the basic feeling of discomfort or self-confidence is the feeling that always feels lack of ownership of something, whether it is emotional recognition, luck, money, etc. By appreciating what we have accomplished, we can fight dissatisfied feelings. Finding inner peace will awaken your confidence.

2. Exercising

A healthy mind arises from a healthy body / physical as well. If you are fit, you will have positive energy. If you are not fit, you will feel unattractive. This will cause moral decadence. A little discipline in your life can help a lot in achieving your higher confidence.

3. Always Positive Thinking

Avoid getting compassion and sympathy from others, much less expecting it. Never make other people have a view or a low sense of you, and they can feel that way about you only if with your permission. If you continue to hate and humble yourself, then people will do and judge you like that. You have to speak positively about yourself, about your future, and about your progress. Never be afraid to show your strength and quality to others.

4. Dress Neatly

Although clothing does not necessarily make people more qualified, but a neat dress can affect our way of thinking to ourselves. When we do not look good, then your feelings will not feel good either. And neat clothes can change the way you bring yourself and easily interact with others.

This does not mean you have to give a lot of money for clothes shopping. Instead of buying a lot of clothes but everything is cheap, better buy some clothes but with high quality. But there are many advantages as well, because the better and slightly more expensive clothes are certainly stronger than the ugly clothes with low prices.

5. Speak and Smile

Research proves that many people are afraid to talk or ask a discussion group or a public event. They are afraid that they will be judged by someone else for saying something silly. In fact, most people are more receptive to what we imagine. In fact most people have the same fears.

By trying to speak at least once in every group discussion, you will be a good speaker, more confident about your thoughts, and will be recognized as a leader by your peers.

Also, do not forget to always smile, try to smile as often as possible. People always enjoy smiling faces. People will always be welcome in contact with you. Smiling faces will always receive warmth and affection. Good reception from others will increase our confidence.

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That's 5 tips to boost confidence, hopefully this article helps you.

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How to Get Rid of Fish Smell

How to Get Rid of Fish Smell - Fish is one of the foods favored by many people. Besides because it tastes good, fish also has a good nutritional content for the body. Among them are proteins, vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

The way of processing was fairly easy, can be fried, burned and many more. But one of the problems in processing is in the washing of the fish. Sometimes even though it was washed clean, the fish still leave a fishy smell.

On this occasion I will share tips on how to get rid of fish smell.

How to Get Rid of Fish Smell

How To Eliminate Odor On Fish

1. Lime juice lemon / Lemon

In 1 lemon fruit has vitamin C content is very much. In addition it turns out lemon juice is also powerful to eliminate odors in fish. Here's how to remove the smell of fish with lemon:

- Wash fish with running water

- Clean fish scales

- Clean back with running water

- Cut 2 lemons

- Squeeze the lemon

- Apply the whole body of fish with lemon juice

- Leave it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes

- Wash the fish with running water until the lemon scent reduced. Done!

2. Vinegar 

Vinegar has many benefits for our lives, but the high acid content is also bad for us if consumed in excess. Vinegar is easily found in the market. Here's how to remove the smell of fish with vinegar:

- Clean the fish with running water

- Soak the fish with 1/2 teaspoon vinegar

- Let stand for 20 minutes

- Wash fish with running water. Done!

3. Sugar

Well, this is a simple and not much to know. It turns out that sugar is also believed to eliminate odors in fish. Here's how to remove the smell of fish with sugar:

- Clean the fish with running water

- Clean the scales and gills

- Sprinkle the fish with sugar

- Let stand about half an hour in the refrigerator

- Wash fish with running water. Done!

4. Garlic

Garlic is a natural anti-bacterial, in addition to the various herbs used for various cuisines, it turns out garlic can also remove the smell of fish. Here's how to eliminate the smell of fish with garlic:

- As before, first clean the fish with running water

- Pound garlic until smooth (the amount depends on the size of the fish / adjusted)

- Spread the whole body of the fish including the inside with garlic mashed earlier

- Let stand for 20 minutes

- End with fish wash. Done!

Those are some ways to get rid of fish odors easily, with simple ingredients that are easy to find as well. Hope this article can help you. Please share if useful for you.

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How to Make Scramble Eggs

How to Make Scramble Eggs - This time I will give easy tutorials about cooking. Our recipe today is How to Make Scramble Eggs.

How To Make Scramble Eggs

Overview of Scramble Eggs

Scramble Eggs is a food made from eggs. How to make it I will explain later. This cuisine is very popular almost in all countries, only the name is different. Every country has a recipe and how to make it each.

As we all know, eggs are a good source of animal protein for the body. Very well consumed by children or adults, just do not overdo it. Therefore, Scramble eggs is very suitable to be made daily breakfast. In addition to good for our body, how to make scramble eggs is also quite easy and practical, and does not take much time.

How To Make Scramble Eggs

If you visit a fast-food restaurant, you can order this delicious scramble eggs. But you can also make it yourself at home, the way is quite easy. Here are the recipes and How to make a delicious scramble eggs:

Ingredients :

• 3 tablespoons of margarine

• 2 eggs

• ¼ Tsp Pepper Powder

• ½ Tsp powdered broth

• 4 tablespoons of milk

Let's Cooking!

• First you crack 2 eggs into a bowl / container. Beat until slightly foamy.

• Add pepper and broth. Beat again until well blended.

• Heat a skillet (if you can use Teflon, not sticky when cooked)

• Enter the 3 tablespoons margarine we have prepared. Allow to melt.

• Put the eggs we have shaken earlier.

• Stir slowly, until clumped or crushed.

• If the egg is half cooked, add 4 tablespoons of milk.

• Stir again until smooth, until the milk absorbs into the egg.

• If the milk has absorbed into the egg, remove, drain and serve.



If you want to be creative, how to make this scramble eggs you can also add grated cheese in egg batter earlier, be called scramble eggs with cheese. But if you make scramble eggs with cheese, cut the use of salt and margarine. Worrying too salty.

Scramble eggs ready to serve.

In addition to breakfast, Scramble eggs can also be made lunch for your child at school. In addition to its tasty and delicious taste, the texture of this scrambled eggs is a bit creamy and soft on the tongue.

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Hopefully the recipes how to make this scramble eggs can add to your culinary insight, Good luck!

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How to Make Ginger Tea in Easy

How to Make Ginger Tea in Easy - Ginger has many health benefits for our body. Apparently ginger not only as a spice cooking, but can be process into drinks. This time we will discuss easy tutorial on how to make ginger tea.

How to Make Ginger Tea in Easy

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

The benefits of ginger tea is to overcome digestive problems, reduce inflammation, overcome respiratory problems, blood circulation, and boost immunity. So, regular consumption of ginger tea to keep your body healthy.

Ginger tea is an herbal drink that is beneficial for health. This tea is very delicious once drunk in the morning or during cold weather. Ginger flavor contained in this tea can give a sense of warmth to the body if you're feeling cold.

To make ginger tea is not difficult, you can make your own at home with an easy and simple way. And of course very practical.

How to Make Ginger Tea

As explained above, that making ginger tea is very easy and not too difficult, you simply prepare the materials that will be use as follows.


  •  5 cm ginger
  •  1 tea bag
  •  Water
  •  2 tbsp sugar (adjust to the taste)

How to make it 

1. Wash ginger until clean and then remove the skin, then splash the ginger to taste and aroma ginger getting out.

2. Prepare hot water and put a pouch, wait a few minutes until the tea water changes color to dark.

3. Put ginger into the tea water and leave for a while until the tea and ginger fused and fragrant.

4. If you have smell of fragrant ginger tea, input the tea into a medium glass and add 2 tablespoons of sugar or can adjusted to taste. You can also use palm sugar instead of sugar.

5. Ginger tea is ready to enjoyed,

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That's how to make herbal ginger tea drink, very easy right? If you regularly consume ginger tea, then you will get the benefits.

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