How to Make Scramble Eggs

How to Make Scramble Eggs – This time I will give easy tutorials about cooking. Our recipe today is How to Make Scramble Eggs.

How To Make Scramble Eggs


Overview of Scramble Eggs

Scramble Eggs is a food made from eggs. How to make it I will explain later. This cuisine is very popular almost in all countries, only the name is different. Every country has a recipe and how to make it each.

As we all know, eggs are a good source of animal protein for the body. Very well consumed by children or adults, just do not overdo it. Therefore, Scramble eggs is very suitable to be made daily breakfast. In addition to good for our body, how to make scramble eggs is also quite easy and practical, and does not take much time.

How To Make Scramble Eggs

If you visit a fast-food restaurant, you can order this delicious scramble eggs. But you can also make it yourself at home, the way is quite easy. Here are the recipes and How to make a delicious scramble eggs:

Ingredients :

• 3 tablespoons of margarine

• 2 eggs

• ¼ Tsp Pepper Powder

• ½ Tsp powdered broth

• 4 tablespoons of milk

Let’s Cooking!

• First you crack 2 eggs into a bowl / container. Beat until slightly foamy.

• Add pepper and broth. Beat again until well blended.

• Heat a skillet (if you can use Teflon, not sticky when cooked)

• Enter the 3 tablespoons margarine we have prepared. Allow to melt.

• Put the eggs we have shaken earlier.

• Stir slowly, until clumped or crushed.

• If the egg is half cooked, add 4 tablespoons of milk.

• Stir again until smooth, until the milk absorbs into the egg.

• If the milk has absorbed into the egg, remove, drain and serve.



If you want to be creative, how to make this scramble eggs you can also add grated cheese in egg batter earlier, be called scramble eggs with cheese. But if you make scramble eggs with cheese, cut the use of salt and margarine. Worrying too salty.

Scramble eggs ready to serve.

In addition to breakfast, Scramble eggs can also be made lunch for your child at school. In addition to its tasty and delicious taste, the texture of this scrambled eggs is a bit creamy and soft on the tongue.

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Hopefully the recipes how to make this scramble eggs can add to your culinary insight, Good luck!

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