How To Stop Smoking In Effective Ways

how to stop smoking

How To Stop Smoking In Effective Ways – One of the most difficult things to do is quit the addictive stuff, one of them is how to stop smoking. In addition to many warnings about the dangers of smoking or “No Smoking” warnings, in fact, there are still many smokers.

how to stop smoking

Cigarettes are addictive because they contain nicotine. Thus, it is not surprising that many active smokers have difficulty actually how to stop smoking, although various ways have been done. The difficulty in quitting smoking is usually experienced by smokers in the early trials to quit smoking.

Therefore, here are some tips you might be able to do to overcome difficulties in how to stop smoking.

How to Stop Smoking

There are several methods in how to stop smoking, such as reducing smoking little by little. Then there is also a way of slowly replacing cigarettes with chewing gum, and much more.

Actually there is no other way more powerful and effective from the way I give this. Because many have proved it, including myself. The trick is to STOP SMOKING RIGHT NOW!

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Tips on Quit Smoking

Of course by stopping smoking instantly will make us stress, dizzy, weak and not enthusiastic. But believe me, all the things that you feel are good for your health in the future.

Here are some tips in how to stop smoking:

Sipping cold water through a straw

One unique way worth trying to overcome the difficulty of how to stop smoking, is by drinking cold water with a straw. This can be a way to replace the craving of a cigarette. In addition, sipping cold water through a straw will also release dopamine which is a brain chemical that can help reduce a bad mood. Or you can also replace the desire to smoke a cigarette with a healthy snack.

Take note of the positive things that happen after you quit smoking

Many smokers who do not want to quit because they feel that quitting smoking only tortures themselves. In fact, quitting smoking will give many benefits to your body, including your finances and health. For that, when you’re trying how to quit smoking, try to keep track of the positive things you get within a few days of quitting, including feeling more controlled, saving money, feeling more energetic, and so on.

Routine toothbrush

Usually, active smokers have dark-colored lips and have a breath that smells of cigarettes. Therefore, one of the good things you get when trying how to stop smoking is that your mouth breathes fresher, especially when you often brush your teeth. If you regularly brush your teeth and always have a fresh breath, you will feel affectionate to pollute it again with tar and cigarette smoke.

Avoid alcohol

Based on a study, it is known that there is a relationship between alcohol consumption with smoking. Therefore, one of the tips how to stop smoking is to avoid alcohol. Because alcohol can damage your self-defense to quit smoking.

Sport, even just walking

If you really want to quit smoking, you should try to exercise actively. Because when your body is active, your body will send natural chemicals that can help mood and reduce stress. One of the lightest sports you can try is to walk.

Put something in your mouth

The point is, when you are in the process of quitting smoking, there will always be a want to put something in your mouth. It happens because you used to smoking cigarettes. So when you’re trying to quit smoking, you’ll feel strange if there’s nothing in your mouth. Therefore, you can replace the usual cigarette you put in your mouth with sugar-free gum, or a healthy snack.

Be strong, especially in the first two weeks

The heaviest time in how to stop smoking is in the first two weeks. However, once you pass that time, you will begin to get many benefits. Therefore, when you are past the first two weeks, do not let your tempt back to smoke, because it will make all your efforts in vain.

Remember back, what is the reason you quit smoking

And lastly, if in the end you start to give up with all the effort you have done to quit smoking, you have to remember back what reason you want to quit smoking. Try to list all those reasons and place a list of those reasons where you can easily see them. Moreover, when the reason you quit smoking is because of your family, especially parents, children, or wives.

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These are some tips in how to stop smoking. Remember, “Stop Smoking Right Now!” That’s the key word. Hopefully this article useful for you, please share!

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